2nd Infrastructure and Τransport Conference: The challenges of tomorrow

Athens, 29th May 2018: The 2nd Infrastructure and Transport Conference: The challenges of tomorrow were held in  the War Museum Amphitheatre, Athens, on May 15-16, 2018.

The first day of the event focused on  infrastructures and the new development opportunities.

The second day focused on transports and discussed the changes in the spectrum of transport after the concessions of Airports, Railways, Motorways and Ports.

Planetek Hellas participated with a booth (n.5) to showcase the latest solutions derived from satellite Earth observation, helping decision and operational activities in monitoring infrastructures and trasportation networks. Inside the booth it was possible to learn more about  the industry-focused monitoring service Rheticus® Displacement, delivered with Rheticus®, the high performing cloud-based platform for continual monitoring of Earth surface. (www.rheticus.eu)

For further information about the event visit http://www.ypodomes-metaforescongress.gr