si-Cluster welcomes LapUp

Athens, 27th March 2018: The si-Cluster welcomes a new academic member, the Laboratory of Atmospheric Physics of the University of Patras (LapUp), with educational and research activities that include Physics of the Atmosphere, Meteorology, Climatology and Environmental Physics.

LapUp is active on the following basic research axes:

  • Solar radiation: measurements, models and applications in solar energy
  • Ultraviolet radiation: measurements, models and biological doses
  • Air pollution models
  • Weather forecast
  • Climate change

Andreas Kazantzidis, Associate Professor at the University of Patras and Director of Laboratory of Atmospheric Physics commented: "We do expect that the participation of the Laboratory of Atmospheric Physics - University of Patras in si-Cluster will contribute to deepening cooperation between research Institutes, industry and businesses in the emerging field of Earth Observation. Under the framework of si-Cluster, our Lab will offer the know-how and the high level of expertise of its personnel; at the same time, we will be able to offer to our researchers and students the state-of-the-art knowledge as well as new opportunities for collaboration in this field. In co-operation with the other si-Cluster members, we will systematically work to ensure that, through our involvement, we will bring added value to si-Cluster's tasks and goals and help to disseminate its activities".

Further information on LapUP available here.