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  • PSAMIDES and Blue Growth Community projects foster the sustainability of cruise and yachting sector in the Mediterranean region through concrete solutions

The Mediterranean is the first destination area for European cruise passengers, and the second largest market in the world. The growth of the cruise sector is particularly strong: it is the most important sector of the tourism economy in terms of gross value added and job creation. The Mediterranean Sea is also a popular destination for recreational boating. Most of the recreational boats that circulate in the Mediterranean are less than 24 meters long, but the number of large yachts is increasing, in line with global trends. Although their sustainability standards have considerably increased, the significant increasing trends of these sectors, along with several common practices in the sector, pose a serious threat to Mediterranean marine and coastal ecosystems.

To encourage and support the transition of these two sectors towards environmental and social sustainability, PSAMIDES project and the Interreg Med Blue Growth Community  organized together an hybrid capitalization event to highlight key recommendations and to showcase some concrete solutions developed within the framework of these projects.

The conference took place in the framework of “Escale à Sète”, an international maritime festival happening from the 12th to the 18th of April 2022 in the Port of Sète. About 100 participants from 15 Mediterranean countries attended our Capitalization event, 50 of them remotely.


Video of the event

Guidelines for the sustainability of cruises and recreational boating in the Mediterranean region


The project is co-financed by the European Region Development Fund.