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a2-innohub rgbInnovation, networking and high-tech ring

Located in key-geographical position in the business center of Athens, overlooking Kifissias Ring (at the crossroad of two main road arteries in northern Athens, Kifissias Ave. & Attiki Odos), the α2-innohub opened its doors in 2014, further expanding the network of thematic InnoHubs, operated by Corallia.

Based on the high-operating standards of the a1-innohub (Sorou, Maroussi, Athens) and the π1-innohub (Kastritsi, Patras), the brand new α2-innohub further promotes co-location and reinforces co-petition amid successful high-tech companies in the local and international market.

The α2•innohub is housed in modern facilities occupying 2,500 m² and, apart from Corallia's headquarters, it already hosts seven gi-Cluster and five si-Cluster industrial members, all enjoying the benefits of the geographical concentration, co-location and networking opportunities. It also provides professional solutions for business meetings in specially equipped rooms, through a range of services (InnoServices), offered by its counterparts of the network as well. Its collaborative spaces offer modern hospitality solutions to young entrepreneurs, driven by the spirit of innovation.

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α2-innohub (HQ) | Kifissias Ave. 44, Monumental Plaza-Building C, GR-15125 Maroussi, Athens, Greece