The Hellenic Space Technologies and Applications Cluster (si-Cluster) is an emerging, industrially-led and user-driven innovation cluster in Greece, with a strong geographical concentration in the region of Attica and a sizeable potential to compete worldwide in the challenging and fast-growing sector of space technologies and applications.

Currently, the si-Cluster consists of more than 55 industrial members -including both large businesses and SMEs- while it is expanding rapidly not only its industrial base but also its cooperation ties with all the innovation ecosystem actors, including academia, research institutes, European, regional and central governmental and other stakeholders involved in this demanding technological field. The Hellenic Association of Space Industry (HASI) in collaboration with the Corallia Clusters Initiative have been instrumental in the si-Cluster's initiation and development and are driving it towards achieving a World-Class Cluster status. The si-Cluster was established in 2008 following a joint endeavor on behalf of a significant part of the Hellenic industry activated in this field with the formation of the Hellenic Association of Space Industry followed with the establishment of cooperation with the Corallia Clusters Initiative in 2009.

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