si-Cluster Industrial Member

Terra Spatium offers integrated and advanced geospatial solutions for all markets and applications: starting from a proven capacity to provide dedicated imagery data and tailored geo-information products, and building-up towards the establishment of spatial knowledge management systems and user oriented geo-services.

In this effort Terra Spatium carries along more than 20 years of focused experience and the wide range of capabilities within the ATESE group of companies. Terra Spatium maintains strategic partnerships with ASTRIUM GEO-Information Services and e-GEOS, for quality earth observation products & services; TRIMBLE, for professional geospatial software tools; RIEGL laser measurement systems, for highly specialized LIDAR sensors; and with SCHIEBEL unmanned air systems, for operational and mission adaptable observation platforms.

Terra Spatium creates added value mainly through its ability to provide application specific services, structured geospatial solutions, system design studies and specialized functional support to EO infrastructure. Additionally, it is active involved in national and European funded research and technology activities that are state of the art geospatially enabled capabilities in applications for environmental and natural resources management; telecommunication and engineering; monitoring of utility networks and critical infrastructure; border control; cadastral and land use; maritime surveillance; agriculture; defense and security.

Terra Spatium is a member of the si-cluster (Hellenic Space Technologies and Applications Cluster) and the Hellenic Association of Space Industries (HASI).