si-Cluster Industrial Member

Teletel, founded in 1995, is a private Greek software and hardware, design and development company, having a long history of providing development services and products in the space, defense and aeronautics sectors. Teletel works very closely with the European industry having provided software and hardware solutions to AIRBUS DEFENCE & SPACE (ASTRIUM, AIRBUS), ESA/ESTEC, THALES, DASSAULT, SAGEM, MBDA, ALCATEL-LUCENT, MOTOROLA and many other customers. Since Greece's membership to ESA, TELETEL invests in space technologies at an accelerating pace, being today one of the most successful Greek organizations in the space market.

Teletel's main competence is the provision of system, SW & HW solutions mainly for communication systems with special emphasis on test & validation. Since 2007, various activities in the validation of Space related components (SpW, SpW-T, SpW-D, IMA TSP, SCOC3, etc.) have been successfully handled, internal infrastructure (i.e. representative testbeds for on-board network architecture) has gradually been built, and TELETEL developed its own platform/product (i.e. iSAFT PVS) to address the needs of various mission EGSE, SCOE or DFE configurations.

Teletel is fully certified according to the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Standard and can handle graded material according to NATO C-M (55) 15 FINAL Security System. The company strictly follows development practices and standards such as ECSS, DO-178B, etc. Teletel is also involved in various R&D programs funded by EU, ESA, EDA, NATO and industrial consortia.