si-Cluster Industrial Member

Planetek Hellas is a company of the Planetek Group operating in the fields of earth observation with activities that expand from the elaboration and exploitation of the satellite products themselves to the design and development of INSPIRE compliant spatial data infrastructures and design and development of space software for the ground segments and onboard data processing.

Planetek Hellas replicates the successful market approach of the Group leader Planetek Italia s.r.l., whose applications and solutions are incorporated in the most important European programs in the field of space software and integrated systems for the management, analysis and sharing of land-related information.

Planetek Hellas has implemented a variety of ESA (ESAC_SAPS, WEOS, EO_Data_Fusion, Coastal_Outfall, MarCoast2, NTSS, PARC-Archipelago, SIMS, ΟΖΟΝΕ 3D), FP7 (ITACA, eENVplus, G-NEXT, SAFER, BIO_SOS) and ΕΕΑ (GIO_Land) projects.

Planetek is a member of the si-cluster (Hellenic Space Technologies and Applications Cluster) and the Hellenic Association of Space Industries (HASI).