si-Cluster Academic Member

The Laboratory of Atmospheric Physics - University of Patras (LAPUP) was founded in 1968 and is part of the Physics Department. It’s educational and research activities include Physics of the Atmosphere, Meteorology, Climatology and Environmental Physics. It offers a postgraduate program in Applied Meteorology and Environmental Physics with the main purpose to provide to its graduates the knowledge and practical tools for their future professional occupation.

LAPUP is active on the following basic research axes:

  • Solar radiation: measurements, models and applications in solar energy
  • Ultraviolet radiation: measurements, models and biological doses
  • Air pollution models
  • Weather forecast
  • Climate change

LAPUP is a member of the Copernicus Academy network, which aims to develop educational and training material to inform the next generation of researchers, scientists and entrepreneurs about the Copernicus Program and the use its services. In this context, LAPUP participates in the European project EO4GEO, aiming to establish a long-term and sustainable strategy to bridge the gap between supply and demand in space / geographic education and training, taking into account current and future technological developments in related fields.

LAPUP activities include the use of satellite remote sensing in the implementation of international and national research programs and the provision of services for the estimation and forecasting of weather, solar resource and air pollution in high spatial and temporal scales.