si-Cluster Industrial Member

I.S.T S.A. provides integrated solutions one-shop-stop in design – engineering-testing of innovative products which demands high expertise and knowhow for its integration.
The engineers of the company with a big experience in the field of industry in combination with the infrastructures and the cooperation and academic support from Technical Universities, can assure their clients innovative solutions and quality results in offering services and products.

I.S.T S.A. was founded by Mechanical Engineers with carriers in multinational companies in the following fields: aerospace industry, defense industry, design & production planning, projects management.

The services which I.S.T S.A. offers to the customer, have the advantage of providing a complete product, Design-Prototyping-Testing- from one company (one-shop-stop) and can cover the following sectors:

  • Design of Industrial products with the aim of the Software for 3D design SolidWorks.
  • Engineering Simulation using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) with the aim of the
  • Software SolidWorks Simulation (COSMOS M).
  • Creations of Functional Prototypes.
  • Product Validation using tailor made jigs for different kind of Pulling & Push Tests.
  • Mechanical Endurance Tests in its Lab in Control Environmental Conditions
  • (Temperature-Humidity).
  • Market Research and Evaluation of Suppliers and Subcontractors.