Organisation for Collaboration

The Interbalkan Environment Center (i-BEC) is an international organization, which operates through a global network in cooperation with governmental organizations, academic and research institutions and the private sector, in Greece and abroad

The aim of i-BEC is the sustainable management of natural resources, the protection of the environment , and the transfer of research and scientific knowledge into operational tools and comprehensive, reliable solutions and services for the benefit of their network, local communities and citizens.

i-BEC is supported by twelve partners representing the academic community and every level of public administration (decentralized, district and municipal), as well as by an international board which sets the guiding principles for the sustainable development of international relations and cooperation with organizations and institutions from the broader region of the Balkans, Europe and internationally. The organization also participates in transnational exchanges, applications and projects in Greece and abroad. i-BEC's international character is an example of how local actions can successfully play much wider roles in global cooperation. Examples of i-BEC's global partnerships : the "Intergovernmental Group on Earth Observations" of the United Nations (GEO), the "Watershed Research Institute" in the United States and the European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation (EGTC) called «INEU-Innovative Europe».