si-Cluster Industrial Member

Hellas Sat is the owner and manager of the Hellas-Sat 2 Hellenic satellite, and is successfully offering its services in the regions of Europe, Middle East and South Africa. The company is already in rapid expansionary course aiming to launch two 'sixth generation' satellites. The new upcoming satellites HELLAS SAT 3-IS and HELLAS SAT 4 will soon serve the Company's existing and future customers with additional satellite capacity, offering a wide and powerful satellite coverage in Europe, Middle East and Africa for multiple and innovative data services and satellite television. Additionally, the new HS-4 satellite will provide innovative Ka satellite services through multiple satellite beams. The commitment of Hellas Sat is the continuous provision of complete, reliable and top quality satellite services, with the main objective to be one of the first choice of customers in the areas where it operates. From April 4, 2013, the Hellas Sat is now part of the Group's Arab Satellite Communications Organization, one of the leading satellite organizations with rapid growth and development of its operations.