Organisation for Collaboration

The Hellenic Association of Space Industry (HASI) was established in 2008 as a representative organisation, acting as an intermediary and interface with the public administration and national and international organizations in all matters relating to the Hellenic space industry, with the goal to extend and strengthen cooperation among companies towards developing new technologies and products for use in space.

The members of the association represent the majority of the country's R&D capacity in the field of space technologies and applications, comprising of more than 1000 highly skilled professionals with high scientific training.

The Association constitutes a non for profit organization and -according to its memorandum- its basic targets are:

  • The promotion and assistance of the Hellenic Space Technology & Applications Industry in Greece as well as internationally. 
  • The development of communication and collaboration channels between the Association members, as well as with similar actors and within the European and the International space marketplace.
  • The optimization of: the Hellenic participation in ESA, the National contribution to EUMETSAT, the participation to the Hellenic MoD’s programs involving space-related technologies and applications, as well as any potential for Industrial Cooperation opportunities resulting from the aforementioned participations.
  • The promotion of the cooperation among the Hellenic Space Industry and the Hellenic Research Centers, as well as Hellenic Highest and Higher Educational Faculties, involved in space-related technological sectors.
  • The contribution in the quest and exploitation of Research & Development (R&D)-related financing schemes covering sectors in which H-ASI members are actively participating in, as well as the establishment of relative conditions and pre-requisites for promoting the deliverables of such R&D programs.
  • The promotion of activities in technological sectors relevant to space technology such as: space communications, remote sensing - telemetry, as well as their focused applications with regards to Greece such as: environment monitoring and surveillance; civil protection during emergency situations (i.e. earthquakes, floods, fires, etc.); GIS applications; border and coastal security; smart electric grid systems; smart & secure transportation systems (sea, air, road & rail transports); multimedia applications and services as well as “Future Internet” applications; broadband services for diminishing Digital Divide among Greek rural and agricultural & remote areas; as well as new, space-related materials and applications.