si-Cluster Industrial Member

Geosystems Hellas (GSH) was established in November 2009 as a Geosystems EU Group Member, commercially providing Erdas/Intergraph and e-Geos (Telespazio Group) solutions, as a distributor and consultant in Greece and Cyprus, covering Photogrammetrical, Remote Sensing and R&D projects. GSH is a pioneer in introducing Information Technology using extensively modern, digital geodata capturing and data processing techniques for production of maps and geographic information systems.

The firm has also gained considerable experience in land information systems through its extensive involvement in the preparation of several projects of Geographical Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing: Application Development, Sites Establishment, Remote Sensing, Data Collections, GIS Database design and implementation and field surveying data collection. In the field of Geodetic and Environmental Monitoring is working with the affiliate company Metrica S.A taking advantage of the use of high accuracy surveying and environmental equipment and the established GNSS Reference Network MetricaNet (Smartnet Greece).

GSH's business model is solution-based and committed to vertical products; cost effective and timely solutions, added-value services, training and support. The success of the company is based on the qualified staff with over 15 years of experience of at least working in the fields of Geosciences', Geo- Informatics in numerous European and national projects.

Geosystems Hellas is a member of the si-cluster (Hellenic Space Technologies and Applications Cluster) and the Hellenic Association of Space Industries (HASI).