si-Cluster Industrial Member

Geomatics SA is a dynamically growing company involved in consulting, research and applications development that offers a wide spectrum of services covering the fields of spatial data collection, processing and management, while emphasizing specifically on raw data collection, by means of airborne systems (aerial photography, LIDAR, multispectral sensors), data processing and production of cartographic backgrounds in both, vector and raster format, digital cartography and geoinformatics applications.

Specifically Geomatics SA is highly active in the fields of aerial photography with the use of modern digital systems, digital processing and management of aerial photographs, Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) and orthophotomaps production, utilizing both aerial photographs and satellite imagery, data collection and processing using laser sensors, cartographic background production and digital cartography.

Additionally, the company is active in the fields of Geographic Information Systems applications and spatial data development, satellite data processing and analysis, as well as remote sensing applications utilizing data originating from both, satellite and airborne sensors.

The company is vertically structured/organized, and possesses state of the art equipment and most importantly scientific and technical staff of the highest level, elements that provide the company with the ability to undertake and carry out large and complex mapping projects as well as geoinformatics and remote sensing applications.

Geomatics SA has invested and continues to invest extensively in new technologies and emphasizes particularly on the constant and uninterrupted improvement of the level of expertise of its staff, thus acquiring a dominant position in all areas of spatial data collection, processing and management.