si-Cluster Industrial Member

Epos designs, develops and produces high performance electronic systems for advanced signal processing applications. The company was founded in 2002 by a group of Greek electronic engineers with the aim of exploiting local know how on analog and digital electronic systems.

The main objective of EPOS is to acquire a share in the market of specialised digital signal processing products for space, military and public domain applications. EPOS designs, produces and markets high performance and high complexity electronic systems for filtering, amplification, digitization, processing and synthesis of signals in the IF, RF and microwave frequencies such as wideband digital receivers, analog to digital converters, FFT digital signal processors, digital IF/RF synthesizers and digital radio frequency memories.

EPOS is the manufacturer of DARE-J, an integrated direction finding, analysis, recording and jamming system which is designed for tactical and strategic passive surveillance of the telecommunication environment and instantaneous jamming of any threat signal upon request.

EPOS is a member of the si-cluster (Hellenic Space Technologies and Applications Cluster) and the Hellenic Association of Space Industries (HASI).