si-Cluster Academic Member

The Control Systems Laboratory (CSL), which belongs to the School of Mechanical Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA, has a successfully demonstrated track record in both academic and applied research and development, in robotics, mechatronics, control systems and systems design.

Its R&D interests cover a large number of areas such as design and development of mechatronics systems, modelling and applied control of dynamic systems, space automation and robotics, design and control of microrobots, underwater robots and legged robots, advanced electrohydraulic servos, and medical simulators.

The group follows cost-effective methods and takes advantage of the ingenuity of its members in order to fulfil academic or industrial needs with high quality. Design and construction in most cases is done on site, allowing full control of the development. This is assisted by the successful incorporation of people with different backgrounds.

The CSL team has participated successfully in many national, European and international advanced projects, while hundreds of publications in the most prestigious international conferences and peer-reviewed journals have resulted (such as those of IEEE, ASME, AIAA, and ESA).