Cluster Facilitator

Corallia is the first organisation established in Greece for the management and development of Innovation Clusters, aiming at boosting competitiveness, entrepreneurship and innovation, in knowledge-intensive and exports-oriented technology segments.

To date, 3 highly-specialised clusters have been developed in knowledge-intensive thematic sectors with a strong exports-orientation: the mi-Cluster (nano/microelectronics-based systems and applications), the si-Cluster (space technologies and applications) and the gi-Cluster (gaming technologies and creative content).

Additionally, Corallia promotes the hyper-concentration of industrial members of clusters in the InnoHubs, in order to boost innovation exhibited in Greece and abroad. It currently operates two Innohubs, α2-innohub (HQ) in Athens and π1-innohub in Patras. Corallia implements a series of initiatives to stimulate and promote Youth Entrepreneurship, in collaboration with high-profile partners and supporters in Greece and abroad.

Finally, aiming at achieving transnational and interregional cooperation, Corallia demonstrates a strong engagement in European cluster policy bodies and has established key-strategic International Collaborations.