si-Cluster Industrial Member

Attisat is an ISO 9001:2008 high-tech satellite communications company established in 1997. Attisat designs, develops, manufactures and markets flat antennas for Direct-to-Home satellite TV reception. More than 90% of its production is exported to EU countries.

Based on Attisat's design, technologically advanced transmitting and receiving flat antennas with a relatively small size can be developed, for applications such as, LMDS, MMDS, Wi-Max etc.

Having a team of highly qualified engineers, run by managers with experience in their fields of expertise and with laboratories having the most up-to-date microwave instrumentation, the company can provide third parties with activities starting from research and development up to production and marketing.

The company has also acquired core capabilities in VSAT and Broadband satellite systems design and development, end-to-end integration, and outsourcing technical support services, consulting engineering and project management support.

Attisat delivers customized mobile and transportable satellite terminals and communication vans, providing surveillance and communication for both corporate enterprise and government users.

Other company's major projects are the design, procurement, installation and maintenance of an SCPC network, connecting remote sites in the Balkan area and the design, procurement, installation and maintenance of a DVB network for the Distribution of Video and Data.