si-Cluster Industrial Member

ARTEMIS-Aerosurvey is a privately held start-up company, was founded in July 2012 and has both Business and Research activity.

ARTEMIS-Aerosurvey is specialized in Earth Observation and Environmental Monitoring, Geospatial projects development and in technical infrastructure monitoring, using cutting edge technology, and finally, in the development of advanced GIS and Remote Sensing services.

By collecting, processing, “translating” and combining Remote Sensing and Digital Photogrammetry data from Spaceborne and Airborne Sensors, as well as terrestrial measurement data, ARTEMIS provides high-tech G.I.S. Decision Support Systems and Early Warning Systems. Additionally, takes part in proposals for Copernicus improvement services and develops Remote Sensing methodologies and algorithms on SENTINELS for automating the environmental monitoring processes.

The company collaborates with the Environmental REsearch Laboratory (EREL) of the NCSR “DEMOKRITOS”, in the context of the investigation of environmental phenomena using an Air Manned Environmental Data Recording Platform. Artemis light manned aircraft is an ideal platform for testing, evaluating and improving sensors specifications and reliability in the real aerial field.

The company takes on the ever-growing technology of web-GIS based applications and interactive maps to create a Dynamic Crisis Management Platform and a Decision making tool.

ARTEMIS-Aerosurvey is a member of the si-Cluster (Hellenic Space Technologies and Applications Cluster) and the Hellenic Association of Space Industries (HASI).