si-Cluster Academic Member

Applied Mechanics and Vibrations Laboratory, University of Patras (AML/UoP), deals with the field of ADVANCED MATERIALS & STRUCTURES giving emphasis in advanced composite materials and composite structures. The lab is in operation since 1980 being part of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics. AML/UoP activities are developed in four complementary directions: (I) Design, Analysis & Optimization of Advanced Engineering Structures – Computational Mechanics, (II) Materials and Processes Development, (III) Non-Destructive Testing & Evaluation - Structural Health Monitoring, (IV) Advanced Materials Characterization & Testing.

AML/UoP has a longstanding presence in the field of space engineering through Education, Research and Hands-on Experience, being involved in various technology development activities with European Space Agency (ESA) and major space industries. A major milestone was the ESA Young Engineers' Satellite 2 where AML/UoP acted as the Centre of Expertise in Mechanical design, Thermal modeling and Dynamic analysis being also responsible for the preparation of the qualification and acceptance testing of satellite sub-systems and ESA-YES2. A number of research and hands-on space projects are currently in progress.

AML/UoP is an accredited body by the Hellenic Accreditation System S.A. according to ISO/EN 17020 and ISO/EN 17025 in order to perform audits and mechanical testing.