si-Cluster Industrial Member

Adamant Composites LTD is a young and extrovert technology SME with the vision to create sustainable development in Greece and Europe based on technology and innovation. The company is active in the field of Advanced Materials and Structures with emphasis on nanotechnology and composite materials.

Founded in 2012 by research engineering with specialization and international experience in the European area of Research & Development, the ultimate aim of the company is to establish an industrial hub for design and manufacturing of products and services of high-added-value for the aerospace industry.

The know-how of the company focuses on the area of nanotechnology, composite materials, mechanical design and analysis of aerospace systems and structures. ADAMANT COMPOSITES LTD. presently develops novel materials based on nanotechnology under technology development contracts in collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA). In parallel, the company leads the technological development of deployable truss structures for future space telescopes for ESA.

The business development philosophy of ADAMANT COMPOSITES is rooted in the cultivation of co-operations on international level and the investment in its human resources. Firm belief of its members is that high added value comes from the development of capabilities to deliver integrated space systems. Along these lines, one of the goals of the company is to design and deliver space-approved hardware "Made in Greece", which can be part of space industry supply chain for future satellites or launchers.