Cluster Facilitator


Corallia is the Cluster Facilitator of the Space Technologies and Applications Cluster (si-Cluster), instrumenting the creation of a world class cluster on space technologies and applications that it will be able to compete at the international level and attract direct foreign investments.

Corallia is the first organisation established in Greece for the structured and systematic management and development of innovation clusters, with the strategic aim to develop cohesive and productive innovative ecosystems within which actors operate in a coordinated manner, in specific sectors and regions of the country, and where a competitive advantage and export orientation exists.

With the Vision "A Greek environment with the right framework conditions to allow sciences, innovation and entrepreneurship to flourish (again)", Corallia aims to boost competitiveness, entrepreneurship and innovation, in knowledge-intensive, exports-oriented and high-technology fields where Greece has the capacity to build a sustainable innovation ecosystem and can attain a worldwide competitive advantage.

Corallia has obtained valuable experience in the development and coordination of innovation clusters, possessing examples of success stories, such as the Nano/Microelectronics-based Systems and Applications Cluster (mi-Cluster).

Corallia's role in the development of the si-Cluster

Overall, this activity collectively combines all the following strategic objectives: development of co-operation between competitive companies ("co-opetition"), quality improvement of the cluster members' R&D and products, entry to new markets for the cluster members, transfer and acquisition of know-how among cluster members that lead to development of new products and better adaptation to new technologies, improvement of cluster members' economic results, achievement of economies-of-scale and economies-of-scope and formulation of a favourable environment for investments.

For more information: www.corallia.org