Stress Engineer

Heron Engineering is an SME located in Athens, Greece, whose core activity is Structural Analysis in the Aeronautics and Space domain. We are assembling a talent pool, and we are looking for qualified collaborators in different fields who would like to work with us.

Job location:
Athens, Greece

How to apply:
If you wish to express your interest in joining our talent pool, please send us your CV and motivation letter at : hr@heron-engineering.gr

Stress Engineer
Ref.: STR-2018-02

Objective :
The Stress Engineer performs structural stress analysis in order to ensure that a structure will fulfill
its intended function in a given loads environment. It is important to anticipate all the possible failure
modes and design against them. Through the structural analysis the Stress Engineer guides the
design of the structure and the sizing of the components and provides a high degree of confidence.

Tasks :
Perform stress analysis of whole structures or parts by the means of simulation or hand calculations;
Judge the results of the above analysis and identify blind points;
Perform reviews and optimization;
Assist in the preparation of the test campaign;
Create documentation of work results;
Prepare Certification reports.

Qualifications :
Bachelor or Master's Degree in Aerospace Engineering or Mechanical Engineering;
Knowledge of Stress analysis with good understanding of classical stress analysis methods (hand
calculations) – on both metallic and composite structures;
Working experience of at least 2 years with FEM tools (Nastran, Patran);
Organizational Skills/Thoroughness;
Excellent communication skills;
Fluent in English: speaking, reading, and writing;
Working experience in a UNIX/GNU-Linux environment is an asset.

Deadline :
We plan to close the talent pool by the end of April 2018.


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